Meet the Board!

Officer and Board Member elections are held annually in August. If you are interested in participating as a board member or officer, please contact board@quegroup.org.

Joyce Cornett
QUE Group Board Member •  Global Innovative Solutions LLC
  • Public Relations Coordinator
  • Welcome Committee Coordinator

Joyce Cornett is a Professional Business Advisor for Global Innovative Solutions, LLC. She has worked with Quantum since 2009, where she improved traceability by creating preventative maintenance programs, developed companywide policies, processes, revalued inventory, increased efficiencies and improved profitability. Joyce recently partnered with Component Control in San Diego, California to assist in customer service, implementations, user training and performances. Her Award-Winning Leadership in various industries combined with her high energy and enthusiastic attitude ultimately builds another level of support for the user community. She is instrumental in program design, organizational structure, streamlining systems, and strategic planning. Joyce has an extensive knowledge with Quantum modules; she has over 10 years in the aviation industry both fixed wing and rotor wing, plus over 12 years in manufacturing. Joyce has collaborated in over 50 implementations, 30 + database conversions, and has developed positive results in companies.
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